Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

'I did some weird scenes in 'Housefull' - Riteish Deshmukh

May 3, 2010 : 'Housefull' has released and other than a dozen odd things for which the film has been noticed, loved and seeing repeat audience, it is the crackling chemistry between real and reel life friendship of Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh which is for all to see.

The 'jodi' has been unanimously acknowledged and loved by one and all and it is remarkable to see even the junior actor turning out to be a scene stealer here.

Looks like it's the Sajid Khan brand of humour that has rubbed upon him, right Riteish?

"I will tell you what - Sajid Khan has his own brand of comedy", says Riteish, "There are various aspects of film making. There are some comedies where it all looks critically cool and fantastic. Then there is another kind of humour where you say that maza nahi aaya. And then there is another where something might be critically unfriendly but audiences would enjoy it. In your review you may say that this it is not something that goes with the sensibility of good comedy."

Talking fondly about the film maker and friend Sajid, Riteish elaborates, "However, when Sajid comes into play, he tries to balance out everything. His prime focus is that the guy who is watching the film should get his money back. Someone may say that he liked tiger, monkey and the parrot. For others, Akshay and Riteish could be the highlight. Rest may feast on Deepika, Lara and Jiah coming together. This is why Sajid ensures that he caters to everyone in the audience."

No wonder, a good section of audience did seem to be enthralled with the lingerie, electrocution and those howlarious gay sequences in the film.

"I know", lights up Riteish, "This is the reason why in a film like 'Housefull', it all just becomes so much easier to have a director who also has an excellent comic timing. Sajid's comedy is very different and even as an actor one has to adapt to it. When we were shooting this electrocution sequence with all the subsequent blabbering going around, we were wondering how it would eventually turn out. Sajid just asked Akshay and me to do something like that and we only followed. Yes, it was all weird but he seemed so convinced. Today when I look at audience response to the scene, it is reaffirmed that Sajid was always so right. "

(SAMPURN | 10 years ago)