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Young Punjab-based bureaucrat an inspiration for Kashmiri youth

Sri Muktsar Sahib (Punjab), July 15 : Having spent nearly seven years as an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, Dr. Sumeet Kumar Jarangal, says that his desire to serve the nation, bring joy and happiness to the people of the country, and also be an inspiration to folks from his home state of Jammu and Kashmir, remains undiminished.

Dr. Jarangal, an IAS officer of the Punjab cadre (2009 batch), is currently the Deputy Commissioner at Sri Muktsar Sahib and hails from the Talab Tillo area of Jammu.

This young bureaucrat's achievements and work ethic has become an inspiration for the youth of the region.

He told ANI in an interview that what inspires him deliver on his responsibility as an IAS officer is the hopes, energy and openness of the general public.

He says that though he would have loved to be a part of the Jammu and Kashmir cadre of the IAS, he considers himself lucky to have got a placing in the Punjab cadre of the service, and is determined to meet the expectations of the people as much and as far as possible.

"I am presently posted in Punjab, and here, the energy of the people is more as compared to any other place. Here, the personality trait is very open. Maybe, it is due to religion. The secular credentials and openness of the people of Punjab is definitely more than others. Since I belong to Jammu and Kashmir, my first love is for the people of that state. I even wanted to get into the Jammu and Kashmir cadre, but consider myself lucky that I got Punjab, which is close to Jammu and Kashmir. Punjab has a culture that is similar to Jammu and many people from Jammu work here in Punjab," Dr. Jarangal said.

Dr. Jarangal says that he is a great believe in using modern technology to resolve civil issues.

Indirectly referring to the volatile situation in Kashmir, this IAS officer says talented youth are often forced to move out of insurgent-hit states due to lack of opportunities.

"The militancy, which has affected Jammu and Kashmir for the last 30 years, results in fewer opportunities for the people. There is no investment by the private sector, which means less opportunity. The youth can only showcase their talent if they come out of Jammu and Kashmir. In today's era, which we describe as globalization and liberalization, the whole world is connected. Here, in Punjab, almost every household has its member settled abroad. If it can happen in Punjab, why not in Jammu and Kashmir," he asks?

Dr. Jarangal believes things are changing for the better. As more and more youths from the state make their mark in the civil services examinations, he hopes barriers holding them back will weaken and allow them to aspire to a better life.

"In recent years, you may have seen the trend of many people from Jammu and Kashmir joining the civil services. Some of them have even got very good ranks. This year's second rank holder is also from Jammu and Kashmir. So, I believe, if there was any barrier, it is mental rather than what we assume is a part of society," he said.

Dr. Jarangal and many other youths from Jammu and Kashmir are gradually coming into the limelight because of their dedication and sincerity towards serving the country.

Steps have to be taken to tap this rich human resource in Jammu and Kashmir and ensure all facilities are available to them.

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Young Punjab-based bureaucrat an inspiration for Kashmiri youth

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