• Tuesday, 19 March 2019

First time mother at 70, overjoyed, experts see red

New Delhi, May 12 : Punjab based Daljinder Kaur is no ordinary mother as last month the 70 something became a mother to a healthy baby following two years of IVF treatment, sending the media to a frenzy.

The lady and her 79-year old husband are both overjoyed with the new achievement, not so for experts, who have raised questions on ethical and heath grounds, media reports said.

Criticising the step, IVF experts said that the procedure is risky for anyone beyond 60, while gynecologists have stated that the health of both the mother and child is exposed if one decides to give birth after that age.

Citing old age of the parents, experts have also asked how are they going to take care of the infant, who needs to be looked after rigorously.

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First time mother at 70, overjoyed, experts see red

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