February 20, 2010: It's been a hectic time for Hema Malini. She has been producing a film for her daughter Esha under impossible weather conditions and back-breaking schedules in different parts of the world. Last week she had to rush with her cast and crew to Goa to shoot the carnival there.
Said Hema, "Goa shoot was not supposed to happen now but we needed to shoot the carnival which was held from February 13-16. So we preponed the schedule that was to happen later in the year and rushed to Goa last week. Now we'll have to go back to Goa later."

On Saturday Hema had to travel from Goa to Patna for a dance recital which she had committed to perform before the unscheduled Goa trip. However she hadn't bargained for being put in what Shashi Tharoor so picturesquely described as the 'cattle class'.

Giggles the danseuse-actress, "There was no business class in the flight to Patna. I had to sit in economy. I didn't mind at all. But the people around me seemed to be very distracted. I felt concerned for them."

Hema had around 300 pair of eyes gazing at her. "I don't know why they needed to stare. You say because I'm beautiful? No. I never believed I was. My mother always taught me to stay grounded. I never started believing I was someone special."

-Subhash K Jha

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