February 20, 2010: If you thought Bipasha Basu was one of those people who starve to gain their superb body, you're wrong. The dusky beauty admitted to her binging secret recently.
According to Bipasha, she hasn't starved herself to get her coveted body. She has worked out hard and stuck religiously to a diet. However, she doesn't always watch what she's eating. She admits to having one day in the week when she only binges. On that day, she eats everything and anything she likes and even goes on to add ghee with her rotis. But the remaining days, she follows her diet carefully.

Bipasha also clears the air around the much hated fats saying that they're necessary for one's body too and they bring the glow to one's face. That's a nice tip, provided everyone sticks to having just one day to binge...

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