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Verbal Spat between Amarinder, Majithia over Khalsa University to forth

By Ravinder Singh Robin, Amritsar, Feb. 19 : Former chief minister and Amritsar MP Captain Amarinder Singh has made a personal attack on Khalsa College Governing Council president Satyajit Singh Majithia for trying to usurp the land by constructing the university.

He reminded him of his own illustrious pedigree lashed out at Majithia's unbridled greed to make personal capital out of a public and historic institution that holds a distinct place in Sikh history and heritage.

"There was one great Dayal Singh Majithia, who bequeathed all his wealth and the great institutions he owned like The Tribune and chain of Dayal Singh Majithia Colleges to the nation and here is this Majithia (Satyajit Singh), who is trying to grab and usurp a public institution for personal gains", he remarked.

"Although I am not surprised over modern day Majithias' unbridled greed for money after having completely been 'Badalised' in all respects, I still expected them to at least respect the sanctity of the institution which holds an important place in Sikh history and heritage", he said, while responding to Majithia's statement accusing him of politicising the issue of converting the Khalsa College Amritsar into a private university.

"What Badals are doing to the SGPC, the Majithias are trying to repeat and replicate with Khalsa College", he remarked, while asking Majithia as what was his or his family's contribution towards setting up of this great institution. Capt Amarinder strongly denied the allegations that his security personal broke open the locks of the gate to enter there.

On the other hand Khalsa College Governing Council President Satyajit Singh Majithia today hit hard at Captain Amarinder for 'stooping low' and telling lies for petty political gains. He said he was extremely amazed and saddened to hear of the way Captain behaved at Khalsa College where he stormed and gate crashed when the College was open for academic activities. He said the security staff has made written complaints regarding misbehavior by Captain's security men with them when they snatched keys to storm into the College campus without notice or authorisation.

Majithia said Captain whom his father Surjit Singh Majithia had made Chancellor of this great institution behaved like a 'petty' 'uninformed' politician and forced his entry into the institution, vitiating the academic atmosphere by making frivolous insinuations.

"Does he not know that the Governing Council is functioning as per the 125 year old Constitution? Is he oblivious to the fact that the present management in their short span of 11 years of service to the institution has added one school and nine professional colleges to enable impart education in the fields which have great potential for employment'', lashed out Majithia at Captain.

He added that all these new institutions established are owned by the same society that runs the Khalsa College.

"How can he (Capt) not understand that the need to further raise the education levels to cover M.Phil, Ph.D, Masters courses and providing facilities for research by upgrading libraries and laboratories at the campus is not education enhancement'', said he. He reiterated that the management is not including the old Khalsa College as it has during the present management's regime through the coordinated hard work of the staff and management attained the status of an autonomous College, status of Potential for excellence and accredited as A grade by the NAAC.

"By reaching the requisite standard for University, the new professional Colleges, we will be free to collaborate with the best Universities in the world to provide the best education to students which we cannot do without becoming an independent University," said Majithia.

"When we have spent close to Rs. 90 crores by establishing facilities to enhance education in the professional fields here at the campus adjoining the main Khalsa College to university levels, why should we deprive our students in the border District of Punjab and go starting from scratch elsewhere'', he stated.

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Verbal Spat between Amarinder, Majithia over Khalsa University to forth

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