Kapil Nirmal aka Yudishter of Star Plus show 'Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat' is going to face tough time ahead, which will decide his character's fate on the show.
If the buzz is to be believed, Yudi will be soon dying in the show. Whether his character returns back or not is the big question it self as everything depends on the TRP's.

Our source reveals, “There will be a situation where in Yudi will be hit by the bullet during the war in the neighbouring states."

For sure Yudi is going to be shot but that does not confirm his death as he may also survive the gun shot as our source says. “Definitely, he will be shot but whether he dies for short time and re-enters or surely dies is yet to be decided by the creative team of the show”.

If Yudi dies than that may mark his exit from the show, if does not than the show has more twist in its bag for viewer to look forward to.For now, Yudi is going to take a gun-shot and his survival or death is unsure, which makes audience to keep the track of this interesting show.

(Posted on 24 November 2009, 1685699034 3O231O217O107)