After Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, Imagine is all geared up for the second season which will see Rahul Mahajan as a groom who will choose his right life partner on national television.
The politician is very sceptical when it comes to marriage thus he is going one step forward as he consults his astrologer before selecting the girls for his swayamvar. “He has even postponed the dates of the airing of the show on the channel according to the astrologer,” chirps the source.

“Rahul has shown the kundali’s of the girls who will be participating in the show. He believes in all this a lot and especially after his stint in the Bigg Boss. Rahul is seriously looking out for a right life partner for himself but marriage is still a question mark,” adds the khabroo.

Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega is the title given to the show. Though Rakhi ka toh swayamvar hua nahi so let’s wait and watch of whether Rahul baarat lata bhi hai ya nahi.

(Posted on 24 November 2009, 1685483103 18O232O31O255)