Chandana Sharma aka Damini of 'Love Ne Mila Di Jodi' recently had an uncomfortable moment while shooting with Gaurav Khanna for her hit serial.
Viewers of the show will soon get to enjoy the romantic moment between leads of the show which had put our actress in an awkward situation.

Reveals pretty Chandana “There is a romantic song from ‘Fashion’ called ‘Mar Java...’ shot on Prithvi and Damini that will be aired in tomorrow’s episode. It was little awkward for me as I have never done such romantic song sequence before. There were some hesitation in the start of the shoot but later on I was comfortable.”

Actress seemed to have done her job well in the song sequence, “The whole experience of shooting the song was good and I am happy with the way it has turned out”, informs the beautiful actress.

When asked about her marriage plans with boyfriend Raman, she replies “’Love Ne Mila Di Jodi’ is keeping so busy that I have no time to breathe, so when it happens I’ll talk about it”.

While, work is doing wonders for this charming actress, Marriage seems to bit far in future.

(Posted on 24 November 2009, 1695513382 34O204O181O91)