Days in Tollywood must be teaching Charmi, the naughty hotty actress, a lot with each film she is signing. At least, her increasing maturity in acting and decreasing measurement of outfit is showing more than mere evidence.
Her glitzy showvaganza in films like Michael Madana Kamaraju and her item song in Bhale Dongalu give a clear indication of her new resolve to expose in films.

Born in Vasai, Mumbai, in an orthodox family, Charmi aka Chamy Kaur, being spotted by a model coordinator, entered the world of filmdom at the mere age of 13. The far-seeing coordinator gave her the first modeling assignment of her life. The same coordinator, later, invited her for a shoot of a Bollywood flick where her charm was spotted by a south Indian director who offered her a Telugu film, Nee Thodu Kaavali.

It was Director T. R. Rajendran who gave her entry into the Tamil film Industry providing the lead role in Kadhal Azivathillai after which she did a Malayalam film. Though it was Neeke Manasichanu, which gave her a re-entry into the Tollywood, Sri Anjaneyam took her to the sky. Her daily humdrum in shooting doesn’t allow her a single slacking moment yet the babe proves her love for extracurricular with reading and dancing or chatting with friends and fans. And yes, she never forgets to keep aside few moments to cherish chocolates, the only thing on the earth she just can’t resist.

While the glam-doll is an established star in Tollywood, we have heard people whispering that she is now desperately trying to take a chance in Bollywood.

This Tollywood actress is known to be a great fan of Amitabh Bachchan, Juhi chawla, Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham. Well, though the list is little confusing it’s enough to show her interest in biggies of Bollywood.

Well, well, well, showy-famed-cute and young girl with wish to blaze Bollywood. It seems a new threat to sexy ladies of the tinsel town is looming around. Hello Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, are you listening?

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