Kolkata, June 9 : Metro Railway, Kolkata has arranged for quite a number of amenities for the senior citizens.
A total of 662 seats have been earmarked in 24 stations of the Metro Rail for the senior citizens.

Besides, 12 seats (6 each in both side) earmarked in each and every coach of Metro Railway for the senior citizens who have been requested by the authorities to avail of themselves of the said amenity.

Moreover, four helpline numbers have been introduced by the Metro Railway to help the commuters.

A women helpline number 9007041908 has been earmarked for helping the women commuters of Metro Railway.

Similarly a Security Helpline Number: 9007041789 has also been provided for persons to inform the Metro Rail authority in case of an apprehension or a real incident of security threat. Two other helpline numbers 1322 and 182 have also been provided for the commuters for any type of exigencies during a metro ride.

(Posted on 10 June 2015, 1695758654 3O239O59O31)