Mumbai, May 14 : Actress Deepika Padukone has been receiving accolades for her recent outing Piku.
The film has been received very well in India as well as internationally. It is also being called one of Deepika's best performances. It has done extremely well at the box office and continues to soar.

Piku is a very special film for Deepika that is close to her heart and she wants to go all out to support the film. So she is pulling all stops and going all out to promote the film.

The word of mouth publicity on the film is very positive and the marketing team of the film has requested Deepika for some additional time for the post release promotions of the film.

All this while Deepika has been juggling between promotions of Piku and shooting for Bajirao Mastani. She has been shooting for Bajirao Mastani in the night and promoting Piku during the day. Even though it was a very hectic schedule Deepika continued to juggle between the two for the last couple of weeks.

However, the marketing team has made some additions for the promotion of the film. They are keen to amp up the communication of the film this week.

Deepika is the protagonist of the film and so they have chalked out a special campaign for her which would need more of her time.

Keeping this in mind, Deepika made a special request to Sanjay Leela Bhansali to give her two days off from the shoot to take part in the promotions. The two share an excellent rapport and Sanjay Leela Bhansali instantly agreed.

Spokesperson of Deepika confirms and shares, "Deepika has taken a two day break from shooting to promote Piku. She made a special request to Sanjay sir and he graciously got her dates re-aligned so that she can promote the film."

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