Monday, 20 May 2019
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Scientists convert plant matter into chemicals

NASA spots Pac-Man shaped crater on Mars

Impact of climate change on river ecosystems

First stars that formed after Big Bang identified

A cost-effective way of arsenic sensing and removal

Tiny NASA satellite maps global ice clouds

New web tool to predict eye, hair and skin colour from DNA sample

World's fastest water heater produces exotic state of liquid

This 'black box' chip in devices can frustrate hackers

Multiverse could harbour life: Study

New device records minute temperature changes

Be fearless: Apple CEO Tim Cook tells graduates

Facial recognition inaccurate in 98 percent cases: Report

Nintendo NES is coming back on June 29

Jurassic fossil shows missing link in crocodile family tree

Asteroid 2010 WC9 to flyby Earth on May 15: Report

SpaceX set for over 300 missions in 5 years: Musk

German scientists decode Stone Age hepatitis B virus

LISA can detect binaries from Milky Way's globular clusters: Study

NASA will send autonomous helicopter on Mars 2020 rover

How lower temperature turns a baby turtle into a male

Researchers warn of growing voice AI vulnerabilities

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot can now jog

Astronomers find first carbon-rich asteroid in Kuiper Belt

NASA probe finds new magnetic process in turbulent space

Scientists unravel jumping strategies of spiders

Now, robots will help construct buildings

Astronomers find exoplanet with cloud-free atmosphere

China develops battery to store renewable energy

Sun to turn into planetary nebula when it dies: Astronomers

Massive galaxy cluster discovery sheds new light on how the largest structures in our universe are formed

SpaceX's powerful rocket tech could put lives at risk: NASA advisors

Smart patch for flexible monitoring of marine life

Smart microchip can help develop affordable IoT devices

Vine sequel postponed for 'indefinite time'

Apple iPhone X best selling smartphone in early 2018

Sea slugs can shed light for perpetual green energy

Warming Antarctic risks diet of Emperor Penguins

In-flight calls, WiFi soon to become reality

Jupiter moon Ganymede's environment unique: NASA probe

Scientists find new way to produce hydrogen fuel from sunlight

Hasura raises USD 1.6 mn in seed funding to bring Kubernetes to app developers

ESA releases richest star map ever of Milky Way

Hail stone weighing three kilograms sign of climate change-Expert

Novel smartphone-based lab detects infections faster

Follow these startups to manage your late night fleet

CoLive launches enhanced security facial recognition software FRAME

Here are some smart appliances for your smart home

New gold nanoparticle technique can make drugs 'smarter'

Lakes on Mars dried up 3.5bn years ago: Study

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