Sunday, 18 February 2018
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Latest Space, Electronics, Genetics News Headlines

  • NASA's Kepler discovers nearly 100 new exoplanets

  • Hubble captures Neptune's foul-smelling storm as it dies

  • This wearable sensor can track your eye movement

  • Milky Way's neighbouring galaxy is of same size, not bigger

  • Scientists reverse Alzheimer's disease in mouse model

  • ZTE unveils foldable, double-screen smartphone in Spain

  • Drones monitor wildlife better than humans: Study

  • Scientists set to explore newly exposed Antarctic ecosystem

  • New rabies prophylaxis for humans can treat cattle too: Research

  • Scientists discover new antibiotic family in soil

  • Climate change speeding up sea level rise, satellites show

  • Lightning storms to drop as climate warms

  • How this all-female fish species continues to thrive

  • From supersonic travel to robotic legs, SOLIDWORKS is giving ideas wings (Tech Trend)

  • SpaceX preparing Starlink demo satellite launch: Report

  • New evidence unearthed on extinction of dinosaurs

  • New system allows drones to fly through forests, cities

  • Aerial imagery from drones can help measure water resources

  • Scientists discover UV light to kill flu virus

  • Your body could soon power wearable devices

  • NASA's 3-D printable tools could test blood samples on ISS

  • Old chemical compounds may lead to new antibiotics: Scientists

  • Super wood could replace steel in cars, airplanes

  • Over a billion smartphones to have facial recognition in 2020

  • Microsoft targeting Dropbox and Google customers

  • Most powerful solar magnetic field measured

  • Researchers discover 'switch' which can turn off inflammation

  • Scientists discover enormous reserves of mercury in permafrost

  • Ozone layer still depleting: Study

  • TRAPPIST-1 planets could hold more water than Earth's oceans

  • Apple facilitates nearly 3 pct spike in iPhone prices

  • Scientists solve mystery of when flowers originated

  • Planets beyond Milky Way galaxy discovered for first time

  • Researchers show mind-reading equipment nearing reality

  • Ordered dwarf galaxies defy dark matter-based cosmology model

  • 3-D printed shape-shifting gel could deliver drugs

  • NASA satellite maps global distribution of cloud ice

  • Japanese Nobel Laureate interacts with Amity students

  • Scientists use microbes to convert human waste into space food

  • This technology can shape future of electronics design

  • Marking system to combat fake goods developed

  • Tiny airborne particles may have huge impact on storms

  • Researchers develop stretchable batteries for next-gen wearables

  • Saturn moon Enceladus potentially habitable: NASA scientist

  • Upcoming dust storm on Mars to explain its dryness

  • Tiny crystals could predict volcanic eruptions

  • New low-cost tool developed for bacteria detection in food, water

  • Super blue moon to reveal evolution of moon's surface

  • Mysterious 'hot Jupiter' with unusual winds discovered

  • Earth's heat loss pushing Greenland's ice sheet towards sea

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