Friday, 27 April 2018
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Hasura raises USD 1.6 mn in seed funding to bring Kubernetes to app developers

ESA releases richest star map ever of Milky Way

Hail stone weighing three kilograms sign of climate change-Expert

Novel smartphone-based lab detects infections faster

Follow these startups to manage your late night fleet

CoLive launches enhanced security facial recognition software FRAME

Here are some smart appliances for your smart home

New gold nanoparticle technique can make drugs 'smarter'

Lakes on Mars dried up 3.5bn years ago: Study

Live stream HD videos with this power-saving technique

Algorithm tool to quickly catch sex predators developed

SpaceX to build Mars rockets in Los Angeles

New device to prevent drunk driving

Scientists find way to bend, stretch diamond

A step closer to the futuristic technology

Human brain grown in rodents to boost treatments for neurological disorders

Spectacular Lyrid meteor shower peaks this weekend

Australian scientists develops 'sponge' for cleaning oil spills

Diamonds from fallen meteorite hint to a lost planet?

Stars' 'DNA' could help scientists find Sun's lost siblings

Artificial muscles that can lift 12,600 times their own weight

Facebook wearable device helps 'feel' words on your arm

Scientists discover sweet spot of activity in immune system, key to fight cancer

Scientists create plastic-eating enzyme

Scientists accidentally develop plastic-eating enzyme

Indian-led scientists' team develops electronic device that mimics human brain

Chinese scientists find ductile semiconductor for flexible electronics

How visual technology simplifying decor?

Zero-waste mobile phones come closer to reality

Google AI can focus on individual speakers in a crowd

Google Pixel to send spam calls directly to voicemail

New coating could make phones, homes childproof

Fossil finger bone could challenge modern migration theory

You have been charging phone the wrong way all these years

Thousands of black holes may be hiding in Milky Way's centre

Hubble precisely measures distance to globular star cluster

Now plan your movie nights with Google

Hubble spots farthest individual star ever seen

Astronomers capture most distant star ever seen

New low-cost tool to detect bacteria in food, water

How climate change could impact food shortage

Ganges flow could double at 2 degrees C global warming

Device that gives you cat-like 'hearing' abilities being developed

Venus' clouds could harbour microbial life: Study

Distant galaxy void of dark matter found

Ghostly galaxy without dark matter stuns astronomers

NASA's next planet-hunting probe to launch on April 16

Now play music on Bluetooth speakers via Google Home

Astronomers spot hot Earth-sized exoplanet

Scientists develop sun shield to prevent coral bleaching

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