Saturday, 18 November 2017
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  • Low-cost, high-performance wearable tech comes closer to reality

  • Aliens on Mars? UFO HQ 'found' on Red Planet

  • 'Collision course' with Earth's climatic tipping points avoidable but political will to act missing, warn scientists

  • Ancient Egyptian scribes used carbon inks that had copper

  • Greenland Ice sheet could be losing mass, says study

  • Dino-era 'rat-like creatures' could be our oldest living ancestors

  • The star that cheated death many times

  • Galaxy-cluster collisions result in celestial fireworks

  • Understanding evolution of immune system

  • Google Assistant helps detect songs playing nearby

  • Scientists found effective method of preserving cells, tissues

  • This new Snapchat face lens is 'For The Bold'

  • Portronics launches 'Ruffpad 10' re-writable LCD pad

  • Earth's 2017 ozone hole smallest since 1988, courtesy warm air

  • Now, an electronic skin that glows when it gets hurt

  • Fantastic colliding black holes and where to find them

  • This new method may help in forecasting Indian Monsoon

  • Gamma rays will reach beyond limits of light: Researchers

  • Blackberry expands ecosystem, pursues six new partnerships in India

  • Gemalto offers SafeNet Encryption, Key Management to Oracle cloud users

  • Dozing off during lecture? Blame your neurons

  • Here's how zebrafish get its stripes

  • No-tillage alone not enough against water pollution

  • Researchers discover the language of Stem Cells

  • Experts design alternative for rigid batteries which power implants

  • Now a Category 3, Hurricane Irma barrels toward Naples

  • Here's how window panes pose threat to bats

  • After storms, a short different opinion span on climate change

  • New 'dissolving' bring 'eco-friendly disposal' closer to reality

  • Soon, more durable, cheaper fuel cells

  • Now, a camera that can see through human body

  • Google marks Teacher's Day with its doodle

  • Multi-platform Adware Facebook Messenger

  • Soon, a smartwatch that can recognise your every move

  • Can coral reefs survive rapid pace of climate change?

  • LIKE introduces video editing with sci-fi 3D magic effects

  • What is Pancytopenia?

  • Unveiled! The surprising science of yawning

  • This app can tell if your partner is cheating on you

  • Hot spots around globe do not move as quickly as thought: Study

  • Mobile apps to maximize savings for financially healthy household

  • NASA Successfully Launches Latest Communications Satellite

  • Sanitizing food production facilities with plastic films

  • Robots lend a helping hand to esophageal surgeons

  • Prehistoric Britons ate their dead, carved patterns on bones

  • Newly-discovered 90m-yr-old diving bird fossil is Japan's first and oldest

  • Ocean's fastest shark at risk of being 'overfished'

  • Now assess quality of your apples with help of 3D printed apples

  • There could be alien life on one of Saturn's moon

  • Now, keep tab on latest information with these apps

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