Monday, 20 May 2019
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A Scottish adventurer and his colourful World War II career (Column: Bookends)

Try. Fail. Try again. Fail again. (Book Extract - Exclusive to ) (May 19 is Ruskin Bond's 84th Birthday)

Hindu mythology, entrepreneurship, and a dancers' love story ( Books This Weekend)

'Happy Dreams': In the murky shadows of China's glittering skylines (Book Review)

My stories belong as much to my readers as they belong to me: Ruskin Bond (May 19 is Bond's 84 birthday)

Hachette India to release Hawking's final book 'Brief Answers to the Big Questions'

AI, analytics not the fiefdom of a few businesses (Book Review)

Meet the first English fiction writer from Manipur's Tangkhul community

Weaving the mystery of Kuldhara legend with threads of fiction

Phrasebooks and the travails and traumas of translations (Column: Bookends)

Of obituaries, a gangster's love story and a quirky marriage ( Books This Weekend)

What we owe to literature: A global odyssey across the centuries (Book Review)

Author Mike Veny Releases New Book Focused on Transforming Stigma and Developing the Superhero Within

'The RTI Story: Power to the People' a memoir-cum-textual tome (Book Review)

The future of liberal arts in the digital world (Book Review)

The ignored, inconvenient truth about the Islamic State (Book Review)

'AFSPA slap on face of Constitution, Supreme Court, Parliament' (Book Review)

'Return to Jammu' : A coming of age novel with autobiographical interludes (Book Review)

Adherence, denunciation and inspiration: Freud and his legacy (Column: Bookends)

Unspoken wisdom that only megaliths can impart (Book Review)

Of intense love stories, Partition, and Delhi ( Books This Weekend)

The demoted sun god is back for a tougher mission (Book Review)

I refuse to be a witness to reduction of Hinduism by ignorant and illiterate people: Pavan Varma

'Doing science in India troublesome for those over 60' (Book Review)

Books by women priced lower: Study

Alan Alda's method to relearning the key of successful communication (Book Review)

'Treasures' takes you on a wondrous tour of Allahabad Museum (Book Review)

Five books to look forward to in May 2018

Fascism: Recognising the beast and what it feeds on (Book Review)

The 'blaze' of Urdu poetry and his invaluable contribution (Column: Bookends)

'Soldiering - A Life on the Edge'

A thorough examination of sedition laws (Book Review)

Chetan Bhagat must 'surprise' readers or he will perish (News Analysis)

Of a woman's fight, secrets, life and happiness ( Books This Weekend)

'How I Became a Farmer's Wife' (Book Review)

Google celebrates Jnanpith awardee Mahadevi Varma

Author of Calm, Creative, Joyful Helps People Live without Regret and Anxiety

A murder most foul in the Delhi Durbar - but royal too? (Book Review)

Different shades of 'agrarian crisis' in contemporary Indian writing (Literary Feature)

The digital revolution's dystopian potential - and what we can do (Book Review)

'Timing' ourselves for a more happy and successful life (Book Review)

Meals in the mountains (Book Extract)

James M. Cain's bleak view of human nature and relationships (Column: Bookends)

Raising a wolf to know our life's simian and vulpine choices (Book Review)

Food, yoga, parenting and complex love squares ( Books This Weekend)

Truth, torture, Trump and more: James Comey's eventful career (Book Review)

The ignored/unknown kitsch that also advanced Bollywood (Book Review)

Being old in India and its many vulnerabilities (Book Review)

The Russians and Trump -- a spectacular coup or self-goal? (Book Review)

Artist Alone (Book Extract)

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