Friday, 27 April 2018
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A murder most foul in the Delhi Durbar - but royal too? (Book Review)

Different shades of 'agrarian crisis' in contemporary Indian writing (Literary Feature)

The digital revolution's dystopian potential - and what we can do (Book Review)

'Timing' ourselves for a more happy and successful life (Book Review)

Meals in the mountains (Book Extract)

James M. Cain's bleak view of human nature and relationships (Column: Bookends)

Raising a wolf to know our life's simian and vulpine choices (Book Review)

Food, yoga, parenting and complex love squares ( Books This Weekend)

Truth, torture, Trump and more: James Comey's eventful career (Book Review)

The ignored/unknown kitsch that also advanced Bollywood (Book Review)

Being old in India and its many vulnerabilities (Book Review)

The Russians and Trump -- a spectacular coup or self-goal? (Book Review)

Artist Alone (Book Extract)

The radical, rockstar philosopher and his 'dangerous' ideas (Column: Bookends)

New book makes learning Spanish fun and easy

Of BIMSTEC, internships abroad, thrill and mystery ( Books This Weekend)

Exploring the heart of matter - and why atoms are important (Book Review)

New Leadership Book for Entrepreneurs Shows Success Principles From the Top

Nothing mad about this book by 'Mad Men' creator (Book review)

The impossible challenge of reforming Kerala's higher education (Book Review)

The curious asymmetry or risk in our modern lives (Book Review)

New book attempts to link fine arts to words

The man who wanted to wage a 1,000-year war with India (Book Review)

Will humans survive the digital onslaught? (Book Review)

Clandestine work in a realistic frame: Matt Helm and his exploits (Column: Bookends)

Former cop pens harrowing saga of 1995 Tandoor Murder (Book Review)

Filling the gap between Sherlock Holmes and James Bond (Book Review)

Of optimism, studying overseas, and Deendayal Upadhyaya ( Books This Weekend)

The intricate, irreparable, inexplicable machine that is the human body (Book Review)

Man Booker prize criticised for changing author's nationality

Agartala Book Fair begins

Behold readers! Two timeless novels to be launched in a double-bill edition

God's committed soldiers - from the Crusades to conspiracy theories (Book Review)

The importance of children's books (Comment) (April 2 is International Children's Book Day)

Quest of the unknown: Finding a spiritual path in the modern world (Book Review)

Anything for a laugh: Literary pranksters and their exploits (Column: Bookends)

Unveiling the multifarious, magical world of 'daal' (Book Review)

Of mythology, romance, health and nature ( Books This Weekend)

Five books for fiction lovers to look forward to in April 2018

A valid argument for a life less technological? (Book Review)

The French novelist who fought for justice - and the price he paid (Book Review)

Jazz Age Bombay and murder most foul in purdah (Book Review)

The torturous journey from paralysis to Everest base camp (Book Review)

'Read Me Tender': The King of Rock 'n' Roll's fictional gigs (Column: Bookends)

Processing foods - myths, perceptions, and realities (Book Review)

Improve yourself with these amazing self-help offerings ( Books This Weekend)

Sahitya Akademi celebrates World Poetry Day

Respect for others was a 'cultivated' way of life in Lucknow

Thinking the unthinkable: This novel sees a Sino-Indian nuclear war over water

Of love and appreciation: A contemplative memoir of family affairs (Book Review)

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