Sunday, 18 February 2018
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Latest Fitness, Prevention, Precaution, Exercise News Headlines

  • Father's stress linked to kids' brain development

  • Girls may inherit ovarian cancer gene from fathers

  • Scientists develop human intestinal lining on chip

  • Scientists discover link between hallucinations, dopamine

  • Ensuring sexual, reproductive health for overall well-being

  • Common BP drug may prevent onset of Type 1 diabetes

  • Household cleaning products may harm lung function in women

  • No testosterone fluctuation in males while eSports gaming

  • Women beware! Cleaning chemicals can damage your lungs

  • Study finds link between chronic pain and diet change

  • Special cell signature predicts asthma susceptibility

  • Fluctuation in female hormones may cause asthma

  • Heart surgery in infants may cause deafness

  • Copper-coated uniforms may cut infection outbreak at hospitals

  • Short kids at greater stroke risk in adulthood

  • How eating slowly can help you lose weight

  • How asthma may affect your chances of pregnancy

  • How female hormones are linked to asthma

  • Hearing loss common after childhood heart surgery

  • Ultra-processed food may increase risk of cancer

  • Video games can improve mobility in stroke patients: Study

  • Scientists in Sweden find new tool to fight cancer

  • How exercise helps you stay sharp

  • Alzheimer's disease reversed in mouse model

  • Running may cut down chronic stress, protect your memory

  • Eating yogurt may reduce risk of heart diseases

  • Maternal deficiency of Vitamin D may up childhood obesity risk

  • Asthma may lead to infertility, barring regular medicine-takers

  • Lower fitness levels associated with higher dementia risk

  • Can exercise prevent Alzheimer's disease?

  • Here's why eating yogurt is good for your heart

  • Your evening cuppa is keeping you awake at night

  • Are you eating your way to cancer?

  • Manipulating gut bacteria may cut obesity, diabetes risk

  • Climbing stairs may reduce hypertension

  • Lab-grown human liver model may help advance treatment

  • This 'selfish' gene may prevent heart disease

  • Here are a few preventive healthcare packages for 'Corporate India'

  • New gene can keep heart healthy

  • This drink can help diabetics

  • Childhood sibling bullying triples schizophrenia risk later

  • Systematic Review Examines Potential Health Benefits of Pear Consumption

  • Incidence of kidney stones increasing steadily: Study

  • Obesity may not affect fitness levels

  • New research denies involvement of MELK genes as sole cause of cancer

  • Childhood heart defect survivors at high dementia risk

  • Night shifts may raise risk of diabetes

  • New cancer-fighting nanorobots to shrink tumours

  • Special x-ray exams reduce false positivity rates for breast cancer

  • Obesity may lead to sudden cardiac arrests in youths

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