'Article 370' director: Country needs to know how this mission was carried out

Mumbai, Feb 12

Filmmaker Aditya Jambhale has shed light on the making of the upcoming film ‘Article 370’. He said that the country needs to know how this mission was carried out.

'Article 370’ is a genre-defining action political drama that delves into the narrative surrounding the abrogation of the article and the authentic portrayal of Kashmir's situation.

Speaking of the abrogation and ‘Article 370’, the director said: “This mission was carried out in a secretive way and the most important goal of the mission was that there should be no blood shed of the innocent and that’s what makes it a magnum opus operation."

“So, a lot of the information is not available in the public domain,” he added.

Jambhale then shared details about the research undertaken to ensure the film's authenticity.

“We went through months of research. There is so much drama involved in this mission which started in 2014 and finally culminated in 2019. We had legal consultants on the set to help us with the protocols so we don’t digress from the real story.”

“We had to go step by step to compile all these sensitive details into a cinematic experience of two hours, which was a big challenge. The country needs to know how this mission was carried out,” he said.

The filmmaker said he would be happy to say as a director and screenplay writer of the film, that they were able to share 80 per cent of information which is not available in the public domain.

“Nobody is aware of the backstory and that is the main drama that we are able to show in this film.”

Speaking of his vision for the film ‘Article 370’ he said: “My target as a filmmaker is that even a student in the 6th standard after watching the film should be able to tell how the Article 370 was abrogated on 5th August 2019, and spark an interest."

“All the events in the film are very authentic and portrayed realistically, which was a goal we all had for the film and we were able to achieve it,” he concluded.

'Article 370' by Jio Studios and B62 Studios promises a captivating blend of adrenaline-pumping action and thought-provoking political drama.


(IANS - Posted on 12 February 2024)

'Article 370' director: Country needs to know how this mission was carried out

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