7 flirting hacks you can use on Instagram


re you feeling anxious about approaching your crush? In the world of Instagram, where double taps and ephemeral stories reign supreme, love can take on a different form.

If you're looking to elevate your talking stage, honing your emoji skills is essential, but striking the right balance in conversation can be tricky!

If you want to drop some subtle hints this Valentine's Day, here are some flirting tips for Instagram that will help you stand out and make your crush swoon.

Don’t let their Story go unnoticed: Like it! - Click the heart button on your crush’s Story and let them know that they are on your mind! Take it up a notch and swipe up to react with a fire emoji if you want to spark a conversation in DMs.

DM a Reel or Meme They'll Love - Send your crush a Reel or Meme from someone they follow. It's a fun and engaging way to share content you both enjoy and it’s a great way to break the ice!

Let them see the fun side of you: Show Off Your Interests - Post Stories of yourself doing your favourite activities like hanging out with friends, or adventures, and share feed posts about things you're genuinely interested in. Don't forget to add captivating Stories highlight to give your crush a glimpse into your world!

Get their attention by ‘Notes Trapping’ them - Add your crush to your Close Friends list and post a Note on a topic you think they'll respond to. The best part? Your crush won't be notified or see that they've been added to your Close Friends list!

Spark a Convo on Stories - Use the "Add Yours" sticker or create polls and questions around your crush's interests. Who knows, maybe your question about the "best pizza place in town" becomes a conversation starter that leads to a perfect Valentine’s Day date night!

What are friends for? Get them to play Cupid - Enlist your mutual friends to play matchmaker. Have them post pictures of you together or casually reshare your feed posts to their Stories – a subtle nudge that might just catch your crush's eye.

Not so subtle: Drop the Love theme - Tired of being coy? Here’s a way to make your intentions crystal clear when DMing your crush - use the Love theme in your DMs! It’s a great way to confess your feelings and skip the small talk.

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✔️ 7 flirting hacks you can use on Instagram

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