Sargun Mehta on re-release of 'Angrej' & 'Qismat': They changed career path of my life


ctress Sargun Mehta has expressed excitement as her two blockbuster films ‘Angrej’ and ‘Qismat’ are re-releasing together in the Valentine’s Day week, and reflected on how they transformed her professional trajectory.

In a special Valentine's Day celebration, silver screens across Punjab will once again illuminate with ‘Qismat’, featuring the dynamic duo Ammy Virk and Sargun, and the timeless ‘Angrej’, starring the charismatic trio Amrinder Gill, Sargun, and Aditi Sharma.

Sargun made her film debut with the 2015 Punjabi historical romantic drama ‘Angrej’. The film directed by Simerjit Singh, features Sargun as Dhan Kaur, and Amrinder as Angrej ‘Geja’.

Talking about the same, Sargun said: "Angrej was my first film in Punjab, and that's how I became the film heroine I am today. I feel like the most important role any project has played in my entire career has been Angrej.”

“So, I'm thrilled that they're releasing for Valentine's week, as it's Punjab's favourite classic,” she shared.

Sargun also shared her experience of receiving so much love for the films to date: "My name in ‘Angrej’ was Dhan Kaur, and even today, if I go to Canada, Australia, or any place in Punjab, they call me Dhan Kaur. I think it's because they relate to the character the most. I can't express this feeling in words.”

The actress played the character of Bani in the romantic film ‘Qismat’, directed by Jagdeep Sidhu.

Sargun recalled the shooting experience of ‘Qismat’ and said: “I remember while shooting ‘Qismat’ and the trailer came out, everyone had a similar opinion, saying, 'You know it's a great trailer, but this sad, sensitive film won't work in Punjab; you need comedy.' It was such a breakthrough film.”

“Now, we have so many more genres opening up in Punjab. I think every genre has that one breakthrough film, and ‘Qismat’ was one of them,” said the ‘Phulwa’ actress.

She added: “I'm very excited that the two movies that actually changed the career path of my life are re-releasing today during Valentine's week."

Meanwhile, on the professional front, she is currently the producer of the show ‘Dalchini’.

✔️ Sargun Mehta on re-release of 'Angrej' & 'Qismat': They changed career path of my life

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