New Delhi, June 9

Action star Vidyut Jammwal, who is currently shooting for his next 'Crakk- Jeetega toh Jiyega', an adrenaline rushing extreme sports film, agrees that the death-defying stunts he does scare him initially but he surpasses it.

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Vidyut, who can be tagged as a superhuman, has time and again performed stunts that are daring. Be it doing pushups on glass bottles or working out with a fully loaded gas cylinder - he has done it all.

Does it never scare him when he performs such stunts?

"It scares me but that is the first part. Then you surpass it. No, I am fearful of everything I start with but once you get into the groove I think the fear leaves you. To raise the bar is first for yourself," he told IANS.

The actor added "You start thinking about what is it you want to do next, what is it that you have not done, what is that your body has not experienced, or your mind has not arrived at. Once you go through all these things then you reach."

The upcoming film, directed by Aditya Dutt, is based on two brothers who are set to perform daring stunts mixed with extreme sports to win. It is written by Sarim Momin and Rehan Khan.

Asked how much is too much for an actor to invest in a character, pat came the reply from Vidyut "I think to limit yourself is a sin, you should always be unlimited."

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