Paris, June 9

Norwegian tennis player Casper Ruud will face German tennis star Alexander Zverev in the second semi-final of the French Open on Friday.

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According to the official website of Roland Garros, Alexander Zverev said, "Roland-Garros was definitely a tournament that I marked on my calendar this year."

He further added, "I'm extremely happy with how things are going, but the tournament is not over yet. There are still potentially two very, very difficult matches ahead, and I'm looking forward to that."

When asked about how his journey has been since returning from an injury last year, Alexander Zverev said, "It took longer than expected. Still, at the beginning of the season, Australia I was playing on one leg still. Then I think until basically Indian Wells, Miami, I was still in pain at times."

He further said, "I was not able to practise normally. I think it was just getting through the process. After that it also takes time to feel the confidence again in your leg to be sliding around the court, being able to move the way you were. I'm talking about the injury more than I'm thinking about it. It's in the past now."

Casper Ruud is also prepared to take on the challenge. Alongside his Roland-Garros success, the Norwegian was a finalist at the US Open last September.

When asked about his semi-final clash against Zverev, he said "It's going to be hopefully a fun one. I think it's great to see Alexander Zverev back. I think both for him and me, this is our biggest result this year, reaching the semi-final. I think we will try to play with shoulders down and just try to enjoy it."

24-year-old Casper Ruud further added, "It's been a tough year for Zverev, and he has fought his way back. The beginning of this year for me has not been great, so it's great to get a good result here for me."

While concluding he said, "We would both love, of course, to be in the final on Sunday, so we're going to give it all and we're going to be ready to hopefully put on a good match."

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