I love to be a part of stories where women shatter glass ceilings: Rani Mukerji
Mumbai, June 8: Actor Rani Mukerji's film choices have evolved over the years. With her projects, Rani mainly wants to tell the stories of women.
"Ever since I was a child, my favourite film was and remains Mother India and that film showed the integrity of a woman despite her circumstances and the grinding pressures of our society on women at large. I have always been inspired to play such characters because women need to be celebrated for all the silent heroism that she does in everyday life," she shared.

Rani's last film, 'Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway' (MCVN) was a hit and ended the narrative that audiences want to consume content films only on OTT.

Rani said that she was always sure that audiences would want to see the story of courageous women in theatres.

"Look at MCVN, the courage of this girl is beyond imagination because she took on a whole country for her children and she won! That resonated with people intensely and the result is there for everyone to see! Socially relevant films like MCVN are made so that it can hopefully bring about a change in society. We are aware of so many cases of Indian parents in foreign countries who have been separated from their children. If our film can aid these parents in any way to drive more awareness on this global issue, it will all be worth it. I want to tell stories of more such women on screen in my career. I feel good to tell the world to look out for Indian women. They are made of a rare substance that needs to be recognised," she added.

Speaking of Rani's upcoming projects, she is yet to disclose the details.

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