Mumbai, June 8


omedian-singer Munawar Faruqui, who released his maiden music album titled 'Madari' on Wednesday evening, will soon roll out a stand-up video as a surprise for all his fans.

Munawar, who made a mark for himself as a singer with notable singles such as 'Alag BT', 'Khwahish' and 'Noor', spoke about his debut album and much more at the launch event. When asked what is in store for his fans next, he said, "I will release a stand-up video soon as a surprise for my fans. I believe in working hard and entertaining people. I give my hundred per cent to everything I do, but now I want to enjoy 'Madari'."

The album 'Madari' has eight songs, which have been written and composed by Munawar himself. Talking about the album, he said "We all have heard the word 'Madari' from our childhood days. He comes and performs for people of all ages. The same is the case with our album. There are songs for all age groups. We have been working really hard on it for the past six months."

He added "The song released is a hip-hop track where we have used references from Bollywood, memes, whatever is there on the Internet today, we have used everything."

Sharing his feelings post the release of the song, he said "It is the feeling of a 'vidaai'. Like we marry off our daughters and it feels like a part of our life goes away. I am feeling the same way. It feels as if a part of my life has gone out of me today. But I am very excited to see the audience's response to it."

Munawar promises a 'stand-up' video soon as a 'surprise for my fans'

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