Caged Beasts, Big Eyes Coin and XRP: Comparing the best cryptos to buy in 2023
ATK, New Delhi, June 5 As the altcoin season gains momentum, all eyes have been on the best crypto presales of 2023 and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).
Caged Beasts is a brand new crypto project that is preparing to enter presale and is expected to take off, while Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has already made a big impression as it prepares to launch on June 15th. Meanwhile, crypto news has been dominated by the Ripple vs. SEC case, which is expected to end soon and will have implications for XRP and the market as a whole.

Will XRP Bounce Back After SEC vs. Ripple?

Ripple's longstanding case with the SEC has attracted a significant amount of attention in the crypto community. Recent data has revealed that there has been a surge in interest from prominent investors, with approximately 50 XRP whales accumulating over 420 million XRP tokens. If Ripple receives a favourable ruling, the token could experience a massive surge in value, and it has already been boosted by 13% this past week, indicating a potential bullish outbreak. The outcome of this case will also bring clearer regulation into the crypto market at large, which will impact new coins like Caged Beasts and Big Eyes Coin while protecting investors.

Big Eyes Coin The Best Meme Coin Presale of 2023?

Big Eyes Coin has been making a big impression while in its presale, which will come to an end very soon. In one of the best crypto presales to buy this year, the project has raised an impressive $45.8 million, and in the very final days, momentum is still going. With the upcoming launch on Uniswap on June 15th, there is great potential for substantial returns as it is expected to surge by up to 200% after launch. Big Eyes Coin is not stopping after launch either, on August 29th they will launch the Big Eyes casino. This unique feature will offer users exclusive Big Eyes games, casino games and play-to-earn activities, all facilitated by BIG tokens. This will not only bring in more users to the community but also boost Big Eyes Coin's value and utility.

Caged Beasts Release the Power of Meme Coins

As a new meme coin project, Caged Beasts will start its presale very soon, and it's already creating excitement in the crypto community. Like Big Eyes Coin, this could be one of the best crypto presales this year and it's expected to move at lightning speed. This new project will focus on community and utility, while also giving users the exciting features of a meme coin. Once the presale starts, a new beast will be released at every single stage of the presale, driving the value of $BEASTS up.

Caged Beasts will also garner community engagement through the unique referral program. This allows users to make their own referral code which they can give out to anyone they like to make a 20% deposit when the referred user makes an ETH, BNB or USDT deposit. The referred investor will also receive 20% extra $BEASTS tokens, creating an interactive and mutually beneficial environment.

This altcoin season, XRP and new presale coins Big Eyes Coin and Caged Beasts are taking centre stage. If Ripple's court case has a positive outcome, the whole crypto industry could benefit, including Caged Beasts and Big Eyes Coin. Register your email on Caged Beast's website to not miss out on the presale action!

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