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eteran actor Puneet Issar will be seen playing a prominent role in the upcoming show, 'Vanshaj', a family drama that deals with the issue of inheritance by male members of a business family versus the role of capability in deciding the heir.

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Puneet spoke about his character and said, "As one of the esteemed elders within the family, Bhanupratap bears the weighty responsibility of safeguarding the empire's integrity, even amidst the complexities of familial dynamics. While delving into the character, I discovered a profound personal connection through his values and distinctive perspective on life. I am sincerely thrilled to embark on this exhilarating journey and make my contribution to the narrative of 'Vanshaj'."

The plot develops when Yuvika, the female protagonist character (played by Anjali Tatrari), opposes traditional succession rules and stakes a claim based on her qualifications to manage the Mahajan family's illustrious enterprise.

Anjali, who will be seen playing Yuvika, shared, "I am honoured to be entrusted with the role of Yuvika, a determined young woman who confronts formidable trials in life. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to portray her transformative journey on-screen as she navigates through this profound phase."

"Yuvika's character resonates deeply with the challenges faced by women whose positions are often questioned in various situations. I am thrilled to breathe life into her character and infuse it with depth and authenticity. My sincere hope is that the audience will embrace our show, forge a connection with my character, and thoroughly enjoy watching her story unfold," she added.

Helmed by Swastik Productions and a cast including actors such as Gurdeep Punjj, Mahir Pandhi, Akshay Anand, Kavita Kapoor. The show will start on June 12 on Sony SAB.

Puneet Issar, Anjali Tatrari talk about their roles in upcoming show 'Vanshaj'

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