Tel Aviv, June 2

Israel's Ministry of Transportation, the Municipality of Ramla and the Ayalon Routes Company have announced the opening of the public transportation route on Herzl Boulevard in Ramla, a mixed Jewish and Arab city with lower income residents. The National Highway opened to traffic on Thursday as part of the Fast to the City metropolitan network.

The National Transport Authority will provide free movement of public transport on Herzl Boulevard outside the city and will connect Ramla to the network of public transport routes of Gush Dan (the greater Tel Aviv area). It will also allow the residents of Ramla and the surrounding area "convenient, reliable and efficient public transport, which bypasses traffic jams and is advanced, and will encourage the residents to prefer public transport the public car over their private cars."

The new public transportation route will operate on Herzl Darom Boulevard in a northerly direction (towards Ramla Market) between the Klausner intersection and the King Shlomo intersection and will continue the public transportation route between the Shlomo the King intersection and the Hebrew Regiment intersection, which was opened about a year ago.

The project includes an upgrade of the urban space for road users, the construction of a separated and safe two-way bicycle path, advanced stations and renewal of the street route. (ANI/TPS)

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