Varanasi, June 2


andering in the streets of Varanasi the stray dogs may be local, but now they are no more ordinary dogs. Two dogs named Jaya and Moti have caught the attention of two foreign jewellers, who saw all those qualities in them, which we often ignore by calling them stray dogs. Now they will soon travel abroad where they will enjoy their lives.

The fortunes of these two native breed dogs of Varanasi have brightened. Till yesterday these dogs roaming in the streets of Varanasi will now go abroad and live a luxurious life. For this, their passport has also been prepared. While Moti will go to Italy, the female dog named Jaya will travel to the Netherlands. According to the dog care organization, Moti will leave for Italy in the month of June, while Jaya will travel to the Netherlands in the month of July. It is being said that this would be the first time when street dogs from Varanasi would travel abroad.

The preparations for their travel abroad are almost over and their passports have also been prepared. Last year when Veera Lazzareti of Italy and Miral of the Netherlands came to visit Banaras, they fell in love with these stray dogs so much that they started thinking of adopting them and taking them to their country. Both these foreigners completed the legal process of adopting them with the help of an NGO. Now Jaya and Moti are preparing to settle abroad. Sandeep Sen Gupta of Animotal Sanstha, which works for animals, said that a bitch named Jaya was roaming in the streets near Munshi Ghat. Meanwhile, other dogs in the street attacked her in which she got injured.

Miral, a resident of Netherlands passing by, helped her and got her treated. After this both became friends and now Miral is calling her to Netherlands. All the paperwork has been completed for this.

Two stray dogs in Varanasi catch attention of foreigners, set to go abroad

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