lywheel Software, a leading first party data platform, is excited to announce its transformative rebrand to GrowthLoop. The rebrand reflects the company's evolved mission and commitment to empowering marketers to orchestrate customer journeys, measure impact, and grow faster than ever before.

Starting with its inception, Flywheel has been synonymous with speed and acceleration in audience targeting and experimentation on the data cloud. Since then, customer needs have evolved, leading to a new era of innovation and expanded solutions.

GrowthLoop represents our dedication to providing marketers with more than just velocity, said David Joosten, Co-Founder of GrowthLoop. We aim to empower marketers with a comprehensive platform that delivers the agility needed to grow their business.

Following the successful launches of Maestro and Marve in 2023, GrowthLoop has expanded its product suite to become a holistic customer journey platform built on the data cloud. GrowthLoop's platform empowers marketers with the ability to segment audiences, orchestrate seamless customer journeys across channels, and measure the impact on revenue. These insights are then used to generate even more effective target segments and journeys, allowing marketers to build their own growth machine and stay ahead of the curve.

We believe in the power of loops - continuous cycles of experimentation, measuring outcomes, and learning. added Chris Sell, Co-Founder of GrowthLoop. The faster teams can run experiments to improve their customer journey, the faster they will grow.

The new name mirrors GrowthLoop's commitment to its customers to provide marketers with solutions that increase their agility using the tools they already know and love.

We're not just changing our name; we're doubling down on our mission and our commitment to our customers, said David Joosten. We're excited to continue partnering with our customers, empowering them to drive revenue by leveraging their first party data in the cloud.

GrowthLoop invites customers, partners, and friends to join them on this exciting new adventure. By embracing experimentation, creativity, and excitement, together they can build a future of marketing excellence.

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About GrowthLoop

GrowthLoop, formerly known as Flywheel Software, is a leading marketing technology company dedicated to empowering marketers with comprehensive tools and strategies. With solutions like Maestro and Marve, GrowthLoop enables marketers to segment audiences, orchestrate customer journeys across channels, and measure impact on key metrics. The company's mission is to help marketers build their own growth machine, ensuring they stay agile, flexible, and ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Flywheel Software Rebrands to GrowthLoop

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