See how Sonakshi Sinha is bringing her A-game to nail art
Mumbai, June 1: With her love for stylish outfits and make-up, actor Sonakshi Sinha has made waves in the fashion industry time and again. She is currently stealing attention with her ails. Yes, you can say that she is ailing it. (pun intended!)
In 2022, the 'Dahaad' star launched a nail brand named 'Soezi' which features a wide array of press-on nails, and since then she has been actively sharing the most unique and interesting nail art ideas with all.

On the occasion of her birthday, let's take a look at her Instagram which is a treasure trove of trendy nail art inspiration.

Love white nail paint? If yes, then this design is definitely for you. For this look, actor Sonakshi put embellishments on her nails to further enhance the white colour.

Sonakshi sported this look during 'Dahaad' promotions. To achieve this nail art, you paint your nails white and then add chic golden lines and quirky golden rings.

Seems like embellishments are Sonakshi's favourite. This nail art is perfect for night parties. In this, you can see Sonakshi amping up her glam quotient with smokey eyes.

If you are bored with one colour, then this picture of Sonakshi will definitely help you in achieving a unique nail look.

Isn't this look simple yet different?

During the launch of 'Soezi', Sonakshi said, "Soezi was born out of a desire to make sure that glamour is accessible to every person in the country. A brand created by Indian women, we realised that the press-ons would be but one part of a complete experience... Our aim with every product we release is to make your life ezi! That's what our brand is all about!"

Interestingly, in 2016, Sonakshi became a Guinness World Records title-holder as she participated, along with several other women participants, in an initiative to set a record for 'most people painting their fingernails simultaneously'. The competition took place on the occasion of the International Women's Day celebration.

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