Kochi, May 25: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Thursday inaugurated the Wi-Fi facility at Queen's Walkway in Kochi, making it the first Wi-Fi street in Kerala.
Speaking on occasion, Tharoor lauded Congress MP Hibi Eden for his works as a lawmaker and added that 'Hibi has a vision for tomorrow'.

"It is part of the friendship between me and Hibi Eden that I, Thiruvananthapuram MP, came here in Kochi to inaugurate this venture. I checked the wifi. The Wi-Fi has good speed. Hibi's work as an MP is commendable. Hibi has a vision for tomorrow. Our nation should work for people under 35. Let's support tomorrow's politicians like Hibi Eden", MP Tharoor said in his inaugural address.

Speaking on Opposition parties boycotting the inauguration of the new Parliament, Tharoor said, "It would be extremely unwise for the President to be left out of inaugurating the Parliament that maybe we are building for the next 100 years."

Tharoor further emphasized that at least 5 seats in the legislative assembly, as well as Lok Sabha, should be reserved for youth.

"At least 5 seats in the Legislative Assembly and the Lok Sabha should be reserved for youth below 30 years of age. Then only projects like free Wi-Fi with thoughts of tomorrow will become reality. Also, Hibi should make efforts to make available such facilities in other parts of Kochi. Apart from initiating development projects, Hibi is also a people's representative who ensures that they are fully operational", he added.

According to a statement, the Wi-Fi facility has been made operational by using Rs 31.86 lakh from MP Hibi Eden's regional development fund. The Wi-Fi facility has been provided by BSNL which the public can use for free.

MP Tharoor also inaugurated the newly built public toilet at Queen's Walkway.

(ANI | Posted on 26 May 2023, 1695765174 3O239O59O31)