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lobalVox LLC, a software development and consultation company based out of the United States announces launch of its new business vertical - TheBlockchainTeam (TBT).

GlobalVox LLC is present in the United States (Virginia and Florida), India, UK and very soon setting up an office in Europe. TheBlockchainTeam will be setup as an independent company in UAE or Europe.

GlobalVox has been involved with Blockchain and Web3.0 projects right from 2017. TBT (TheBlockchainTeam) is an independent unit under GlobalVox - with focus only on Blockchain products, projects and consultation. They currently have 35+ certified blockchain consultants, with the next target of touching a team size of 100 blockchain experts.

TBT is a full service blockchain and web3.0 agency. They have extensive experience and expertise in the following-

* NFT Development

* NFT Marketplaces

* DeFi

* Whitepapers and Tokenomics

* Smart Contracts

* ICO/IDO/IEO Consultation and Raising Funds

* Token development

* Token Listing on Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

* DApps

* P2P cryptocurrency exchange

* Consultation on how blockchain can help your business

* Metaverse development

* Public - private blockchain

* Hyperledger - Enterprise blockchain

With over 5 years now in blockchain (as of 2023), TBT has worked for various categories of clients across different geographies. TheBlockchainTeam believes that blockchain is going to disrupt the entire fabric and mechanics of web. Blockchain will lead the transformation of web2.0 to web3.0. TBT believes in the idea of a distributed database where trust is established through mass collaboration and clever code.

TBT has also launched a blockchain and web3.0 learning program by the name of . It will be offered as an elective to students of computer science AND also as a PG Diploma program for working professionals. IVY Block is tying up with various universities to offer the program to their students. IVY Block aims to make today's engineers - blockchain ready - for a glorious tomorrow.

TBT provides a one stop shop for technical expertise, developers and industry experts to assist companies and governmental organizations to adapt blockchain and build scalable blockchain solutions with a new level of transparency, efficiency and automation. "We love educating and guiding our clients with the right approach on how blockchain technology can be leveraged in their business." -

TBT has also rolled out few blockchain and web3.0 products as below

* SCRO - a decentralized escrow system for businesses

* BigDeal - a decentralized auction platform with gamification of 8 different types of auctions

* CrypKart - a P2P crypto currency exchange

Reach out to for

- Blockchain based solutions

- Web 3.0 DApp development

- Certified blockchain resources

- Upskilling yourself or team in Blockchain

- General consultation on how blockchain can help your business

We can be reached at



- WhatsApp +919979311311

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GlobalVox announces launch of its new venture - TheBlockchainTeam - a unit which focuses only on blockchain and web3.0 projects

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