Twitter working on Community Notes for media

San Francisco, March 31: Micro-blogging platform Twitter is reportedly working on a new feature for its crowd-sourced fact-checking programme Community Notes which will debunk fake pictures.

Twitter working on Community Notes for media

The information came from app researcher Nima Owji who tweeted on Wednesday "#Twitter is working on Community Notes for media in the tweets! When you write a note about an image, it appears on all the tweets containing that image."

"@lucasnantonio, I'd like to see something like this for hashtags and links."

Earlier this month, the company had announced that it has expanded its crowd-sourced fact-checking programme to Brazil, and it is the first country in which users can "write and rate notes predominantly in a different primary language."

Community notes aims to allow users to add more context to tweets through links and reports. It has been widely used to debunk or correct claims made in popular tweets.

The micro-blogging platform introduced the social fact-checking programme last year in the US under "Birdwatch", but after Elon Musk started managing Twitter, he renamed "Birdwatch" to "Community Notes".

Twitter working on Community Notes for media
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