Bengaluru, March 27: Mining baron-turned-politician Gali Janardhana Reddy on Monday released the symbol and manifesto of his newly-launched party, the Kalyana Rajya Pragathi Paksha (KRPP), and promised an allowance for house wives and unemployed youth.
Reddy has got "football" as his party's symbol. The manifesto of the KRPP party promised Rs 10 lakh interest-free loans for self-help groups and monthly allowance of Rs 2,500 for every housewife, and unemployed youth.

He has also assured to provide Rs 5,000 annual allowance for farmers who own less than five acres. Free electricity up to 250 units, cancellation of fee of application for jobs, two-room house for homeless in the name of daughters, free travel for women and girl students are also promises listed out in the manifesto.

Reddy has also scotched rumours of his rejoining the BJP. Noting that central agencies had conducted raids on his residences and industries owned by him recently, he said "They tried to seize my property and threaten me. The central leaders forced me to join their party. Though I had lost property, status, I did not back down. I am not scared. I have never left a job unfinished. I will never backtrack from my words."

Reddy's new party is likely to affect the ruling BJP in Koppal, Yadgir, Raichur, Ballary, and Vijayanagar districts.

(IANS | Posted on 27 March 2023, 1695764317 3O239O59O31)