Gajendra Verma teams up with Ravator for heartbreak song Adhoore Hum

Mumbai, March 27: Music composer-singer Gajendra Verma, who is known for 'Emptiness' and 'Tera Ghata' has collaborated with composer Ravator for the heart break song titled 'Adhoore Hum' which hit the airwaves on Monday.

The track is about love, longing and separation with its story told in a unique style.

The track, infused with some rock beats, emphasises the pain of a broken heart and highlights the emotions behind the lyrics written by Utsavi Jha and Ravator.

Talking about the song, Gajendra Verma said, "Heartbreak tracks I guess have always been lucky for me and have clicked with audiences nationwide. I hope 'Adhoore Hum' also resonates with listeners the way my other songs did."

The song has been sung by both Gajendra Verma and Adarsh Rao.

Ravator added, "'Adhoore Hum' starts as a soft song and gradually progresses into a hard rock space and that's something that is unique and standout in terms of composition. Gajendra Verma and Adarsh Rao have really added impact to the lyrics with their vocals".

Produced by Bhushan Kumar, 'Adhoore Hum' composed by Ravator is out now on T-Series YouTube channel.

Gajendra Verma teams up with Ravator for heartbreak song 'Adhoore Hum'
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