Himachal Pradesh can become the most prosperous and rich state in India by 2032 : CM Sukhu
Shimla, March 26: Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu on Saturday said that Himachal Pradesh can become the most prosperous and rich state in India by the year 2032.

On the occasion of the completion of over 100 days of his government, CM Sukhu also mentioned that the state government is working towards becoming a zero-tolerant state towards corruption and is also aiming to become the first green energy state in the country.

While speaking to the ANI, CM Sukhu said, "We have a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption, whatever kind of corruption is there we have to take action. We are working towards the transformation of a system which has aged over 40 to 50 years".

"The BJP government had covered up the police paper leak case and they conducted another paper instead of investigating the case, this was the biggest mistake done by them and despite all that papers were leaked so we decided to shut down the State Service Selection commission which was a subordinate selection board earlier," he added.

Chief Minister Sukhu mentioned that Himachal Pradesh is working towards becoming a green state.

"It is our effort that by 2026 we make our state a green state, we need some things to be done in that direction, and we are moving forward in it," he said.

He also pointed out that the consumption of drugs has spread across the Himachal Pradesh and the state government is determined to end the drug menace in the state.

"The drug menace has spread with rapid speed in the state. We are determined to end this menace of drugs. We are examining the provisions in the law and are looking towards amendments with more harsh actions. We have a campaign against drugs in the state and we shall strengthen and spread the campaign among the public against drugs. There is a need for a special force to curb this, I am studying it and we shall take steps accordingly," he said.

On whether Himachal Pradesh will hold a Global investor summit in the state, CM Sukhu told ANI, "We are inviting investors across the industry. We are assuring them that there will not be any kind of extortion and exploitation. We are inviting them to invest here".

CM Sukhu further stated that the state government is working towards resource mobilization in the state.

"Resource mobilization is important, we are moving ahead towards strengthening the economy of the state. We have started the water cess, and the liquor bends have been brought to open bids. We are also looking at three-four more steps. We want to speed up the power projects and also want to reduce the transmission cost," he said.

CM Sukhu mentioned that there is no harm in standing with opposition parties on the developmental issues of the state.

"We shall take on board the opposition for the development of the state, we fight elections against each other that is another issue. There is no harm if we stand together for the development of the state," he said.

On no provisions for apple farmers in the state budget, CM Sukhu said, "It is not like we are not giving support price to apple crop, we have been giving it and will continue to do so. We are working towards ensuring that farmers get good prices for their production".

Last year on December 11 Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu took oath as Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister. On March 21, Himachal Pradesh Government completed 100 days under his tenure.

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