Panaji, March 24


s massive traffic jams are witnessed in Panaji and its outskirts, senior politician and Power Minister Sudin Dhavalikar on Friday asked MLAs and government officers to come one hour early for the assembly session, beginning from March 27.

Due to closure of Atal Setu bridge in Panaji over Mandovi river, commuters heading towards Maharashtra using two other bridges (adjacent to Atal Setu) are seen stuck in serpentine queues for a long time.

"There are major problems on Atal Setu bridge and because of heavy vehicles heading towards Maharashtra, major traffic jams are taking place. Hence, all MLAs and officers should come early one hour. It's not a man-made disaster," Sudin Dhavalikar said.

Goa Assembly Complex is situated in Porvorim, hence people coming from Panaji side have to cross the Mandovi bridge to reach here.

"We will also solve traffic jam problem at Porvorim by programming signals and giving extra minutes to serpentine queues," Dhavalikar said.

Speaking about the traffic jam in Panaji city, Dhavalikar said that it is taking place because of work going on a war-footing for G-20 meetings. "After these works are completed, traffic will be smooth."

Atal Setu, a 5.1 km long cable-stayed bridge, was opened in February 2019. Presently, asphalting and other works are being carried out on this bridge and hence it has been closed for traffic.

Goa minister asks MLAs to come one hour early for assembly session

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