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ctress Pragya Jaiswal, who has worked in several Telugu and Hindi films, recently took some time off from her busy schedule and embarked on a vacation to Finland. The actress explored the beautiful landscapes of the Scandinavian country and shared her experience.

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Pragya said "Travelling to Finland was the most magical experience I ever had. Initially, I was a little scared because I have never been to any place which was this cold and what I had heard about Finland was that the temperature goes down to -25/-30 degree celsius which was a little scary. I am so glad when we actually went there we got really comfortable with the weather and after the initial few days we started enjoying the cold."

Pragya has all the fun over there an she enjoyed every bit of this journey by visiting different places and engaging herself in fun activities. "We ended up doing a lot of really fun activities like husky riding, skiing etc which were highly adventurous. The views were spectacular, it was truly a winter wonderland. We also went on a really steep trek where we saw a frozen waterfall and canyon. The challenge was to walk down all the way into the snow while it was snowing and again walk back up. We also rode snow mobiles which was a great adrenaline rush," she added.

She shared further about a snow hotel where everything was made out of snow, there was an ice bar and even a restaurant made out of snow. There was a church which was also made with snow and so many bedrooms with unique architecture."I went to a sauna which was super hot and I came out to a frozen lake. They dig a hole in the frozen lake and you can dip in the ice water which is known as ice swimming. It's a good activity which is really helpful to heal your body," she added.

Lastly she recounted seeing Northern lights and said "The cherry to the cake and my most favourite part of the trip was the northern lights which we got to witness for two nights consecutively. We were so lucky that we went at such a great time that Northern lights were in full form. There were so many colours dancing for us on both the nights. It was such a beautiful experience that left me emotional and extremely fulfilled. It was such a magical time in Finland. I've come back rejuvenated. I am also glad we faced all the challenges boldly and made an amazing experience out of it."

Pragya Jaiswal explores landscapes of Finland, calls it a 'magical experience'

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