New Delhi, March 24


loud major Oracle on Friday announced the availability of Java 20 programming language and development platform.

Java 20 (Oracle JDK 20) delivers thousands of performance, stability, and security improvements, including platform enhancements that will help developers improve productivity and drive innovation and growth across their organisations, said the company.

"The latest announcement of Java 20 is a testimony of the very same commitment as we continue to fulfil our promise of utmost performance. Since its launch many decades ago, Java has proved to be a critical enabler of growth across many organisations globally and especially in India, the reliance on Java is evident," Prasad Subramanian, Senior Software Development Director, Oracle India, said in a statement.

Moreover, the company mentioned that the latest Java Development Kit (JDK) provides updates and improvements with seven JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs).

The majority of the updates are follow-up features that improve on previous releases' functionality.

"For more than 25 years, Java has empowered developers to design and build the next generation of robust, scalable, and secure applications. The innovative new enhancements in Java 20 reflect the vision and invaluable efforts the global Java community has contributed throughout Java's existence," Georges Saab, senior vice president of development, Java Platform and chair, OpenJDK Governing Board, Oracle, said in a statement.

Oracles said that it delivers new Java feature releases every six months via a predictable release schedule.

Oracle's new Java 20 programming language & development platform now available

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