Raipur, March 21: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Monday virtually inaugurated the state government scheme 'Mukhyamantri Vriksh Sampada Yojana' on the occasion of International Day of Forests.

The scheme is aimed at encouraging commercial plantations in Chhattisgarh.

Baghel has announced the implementation of this scheme with the objective to increase the income of farmers as well as promoting commercial plantations on their lands with their consent.

As per the government's official statement, it is planning to plant 15 crore trees on 1 lakh 80 thousand acres of land in 5 years.

"Under the Mukhyamantri Vriksh Sampada Yojana, farmers, willing land owners, government, semi-government, autonomous institutions, private educational institutions, private trusts, Panchayats, and land contract holders can reap the benefits of the scheme. The State Government has set a target to plant 15 crore trees on 36 thousand acres of land in 5 years," it said.

Under the scheme, the State Government will provide a 100 per cent subsidy for tree plantation on upto 5 acres of land and a 50 per cent financial subsidy for tree plantation on more than 5 acres of land.

The Government will decide the minimum purchase price for the sale of earmarked species of trees.

As per the statement, the trees of all species planted in 5 years are likely to cost Rs. 10 thousand crores after they mature.

"With the help of this scheme, farmers can earn between Rs 15000 to Rs 50000 per acre of land per annum. Moreover, farmers will also earn extra income through carbon credit," it added.

Under the scheme, a total of 30 thousand acres of land of 19,653 beneficiaries has been registered for tree plantation.

The official said that willing landowners of all categories will be eligible under this scheme.

"Interested land owners of all the categories will be eligible under this scheme. Besides, government, semi-government, and autonomous institutions of the Government who want to practice plantation on their own land will also be eligible. Likewise, the private educational institutions, private trusts, non-governmental organizations, Panchayats, land contract holders, who are willing to plant trees on their land will be eligible as well," it added.

The main objective of the Mukhyamantri Vriksh Sampada Yojana is to encourage commercial tree plantation in the state.

"Under this scheme, the commercial plantation will be done on lands of all farmers, government, non-government, semi-government, Panchayats, and autonomous institutions will be done. After that, arrangements will be made by assistant organizations and private companies for the purchase of Forest produce at a pre-determined support price," the statement reads.

Moreover, as per the official statement, a systematic and efficient market system will be formed to benefit all stakeholders.

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