Jaipur, March 22: Rajasthan officials are probing the incident of a ride that crashed from a height of 30-feet, leaving 15 people injured in Ajmer.

The incident happened on Tuesday evening. The victims were riding a carousel when it collapsed while on its downward journey.

Locals said that there was chaos everywhere after the ride fell to the ground.

At around 6.15 p.m., 25 people were sitting in the carousel. Suddenly, the cable broke and it fell down from the height. This created chaos. 15 people, including seven children, were seriously injured and were rushed to the JLN Hospital.

The Civil Line Police Station reached the spot. There was a sudden stir after the accident. Shops and stalls were closed. The ride operator and organiser escaped from the spot.

A local organisation with the name 'Dabar Disneyland' had set up the swings and rides on February 27 in the Kundan Nagar area of Ajmer, and the fair was to end on March 28.

Preliminary investigation by the police revealed that the ride climbs up with the help of a cable and descends with its help. In such a situation, this accident has happened due to the opening or breaking of the cable. However, the real reason will be revealed only after investigation, said the police.

Bhavna Garg, the ADM City said, "Action will be taken against those found guilty. Investigations are in progress to find out as to how this accident happened, what is the reason for the accident, etc."

Dalbir Singh, in-charge of Civil Line Police Station said that the case has been registered and the venue of the fair has been sealed. Action will be taken after investigation, he added.

(IANS | Posted on 22 March 2023, 1695526400 44O192O254O173)