Instagram now puts ads in user search results

New Delhi, March 22: Meta-owned Instagram has announced it will put ads into the platform's search results to reach people actively searching for businesses, products and content.

Ads will show up in the feed that people can scroll when they tap into a post from search results.

"We plan to launch this placement globally in the coming months," the company said in a blog post.

Instagram also announced 'Reminder' ads which are rolling out to all advertisers as an option in feed.

The move is to help advertisers build awareness, anticipation, and consideration for upcoming moments.

"People can opt into convenient reminders and receive three notifications from Instagram one day before, 15 minutes before, and at the time of the event," said Instagram.

People come to Instagram to discover new brands, products or upcoming events.

The company said it aims to give businesses more ways to get discovered and form meaningful connections.

"We recently partnered with brands such as Starz to test a new ad format that makes it easier for businesses to announce, remind and notify people of future events or launches that they might be interested in," it added.

The photo and video sharing platform has been adding more and more ads over the years.

Ads are now seen in Explore page, Explore feeds, Reels, Stories, and even user profiles.

Instagram now puts ads in user search results
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