Mumbai, March 8


he colorful festival of Holi has arrived, and the celebration is at its peak everywhere. Actress Kamya Panjabi is also super excited to take a day off from shoot and celebrate the festival of colours with her family

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Sharing her love for Holi, Kamya said "Being an artist, I derive immense joy from celebrating festivals, and Holi is, without a doubt, my most beloved one. To me, it's not just a day off, but a day filled with vivid hues, positivity, and togetherness.

"I have been following this tradition for years, and every year, I ensure to celebrate this occasion with my loved ones. I adore capturing the memories of this vibrant festival through photographs with its colourful accessories."

The 'Raazz Mahal' actress added "This year, I am eagerly looking forward to celebrating the festivities with my family and friends in my housing society. We have already planned a day full of music, dance, and delectable snacks, which I will enjoy with my husband and daughter. I am grateful for my husband, who travels to Mumbai every year to celebrate Holi with us, making the day even more special."

While Kamya is all set to enjoy the festivities, she is also concerned about the environment.

Talking about how she is happy to see people become more cautious about their surroundings and environment, she said "I am pleased to witness the growing shift in people's mindset towards using organic and eco-friendly colours in recent years. It's inspiring to see individuals becoming more aware of the environment and taking steps toward sustainability."

Kamya Panjabi takes a day off, celebrates Holi with her family

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