Chennai, March 8: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin said that the state was the safest state for women in the country. He was delivering a talk at the Ethiraj college for women during the International Women's Day celebrations.

He said that women are the most admired people in the world and added that the Dravidian movement has played a significant role in women empowerment.

Stalin said that celebration of women's day is most valuable and important for humanity and human rights. He added that by celebrating women, the nation was celebrated.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister praised Kannagi for questioning the Pandya king and added that later cultural invasion has led to such women refraining from making such statements.

Stalin said that the free bus concession is a right of every woman of the state and added that his government would ensure that women are supported by all means in the state. He also said that stringent action would be taken against any one who insults women.

(IANS | Posted on 08 March 2023, 1695527273 44O192O254O173)