Suva, Feb 7: Fijian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Communications Manoa Kamikamica said on Tuesday that the island nation is working towards increasing transparency and accountability by investing in digital government that improves public trust.
According to the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), Kamikamica said several initiatives are in place to grow the digital economy in Fiji, a Pacific island nation with around 900,000 people, reports Xinhua news agency.

This includes the electronic profile which is a secure single sign-in portal whereby Fijians can access current and future innovative government e-services using a single set of credentials.

In addition, the government e-services can now be paid through credit or debit cards and Vodafone's M-PAiSA wallet.

A data exchange platform is the single source of truth for people and entity data in Fiji and facilitates data exchange between data source agencies and data subscribing agencies.

"Connectivity is a key enabler of digital government services and is essential for businesses to have access to fast and reliable internet, so they can participate in the global economy and reach new markets," Kamikamica said.

Infrastructure is also critical to the growth of digital capabilities, he said, adding that this includes both physical and digital infrastructure, such as data centres, broadband networks and cloud computing.

Kamikamica believed that Fiji can create an environment that is supportive of digital business and economic growth if they invest in digital infrastructure.

(IANS | Posted on 07 February 2023, 1695766385 3O239O59O31)