Kolkata, Feb 7


he BJP has decided to seek the disqualification of its turncoat legislator Suman Kanjijal as a member of the West Bengal Assembly in the forthcoming budget session starting from Wednesday.

Party sources said that a decision on this count was taken at a meeting of the party's legislative team on late Monday evening.

"While seeking Kanjilal's disqualification as MLA through a formal application to the office of the Speaker of West Bengal Assembly, our legislative team will also provide supporting documents about his joining Trinamool Congress," said a state committee leader of the party.

He said that the prime documentary evidence will be the screenshots of the official Twitter handle of Trinamool Congress which has pictures of Kanjilal being greeted to Trinamool Congress by the party's national general secretary and Lok Sabha member Abhishek Banerjee.

"At the same time, media bytes given by Suman Kanjilal after joining the Trinamool Congress will also be submitted as supporting documents to the office of the Speaker. At the same time different pictures and comments in social media on the event of Kanjilal joining Trinamool Congress will also be submitted to the office of the speaker," the committee member said.

Kanjilal officially joined the Trinamool Congress at the office of Abhishek Banerjee at Camac Street in South Kolkata on Sunday. He is the sixth elected BJP legislator to join Trinamool Congress since the 2021 West Bengal Assembly elections.

It is learnt that the legislative team of BJP has convened an important meeting on Wednesday before the beginning of the budget session of the Assembly on the same day. In that meeting only the draft for the application seeking Kanjilal's disqualification of MLA will be finalised.

Although previously five elected BJP legislators joined the Trinamool Congress, as per official records of the state Assembly they continue to be MLAs from the saffron camp. One of them, Krishna Kalyani has been even made the chairman of the public accounts committee of the state Assembly, a post which by convention is being held by an MLA from the opposition bench.

Bengal BJP to seek disqualification of its turncoat MLA

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