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he ground lost as regards social sector improvements due to the pandemic, has largely been "recouped", powered by "prompt policymaking" and "efficient implementation" interwoven with technology, the Economic Survey for 2022-23 said.

Going forward with the vision of 'Minimum Government; Maximum Governance', further developments will hold the key to attaining more equitable economic growth.

Evident ones include stepping up learning outcomes through digital and teaching interventions in schools, enhancing the role of community workers in healthcare, pushing SHGs through better product design and upscaling enterprises, Eco Survey said.

Further, channelising women's economic potential through ecosystem services such as affordable market alternatives for care work, safe transportation and lodging, and long-term counselling support, "can help capitalise the gender dividend for the country's future economic and social development".

"History suggests that when different aspects of human development like education, skill, employment, health, and rural development are dovetailed with technology, all-round revolutionary innovation resulting in technology-led growth and prosperity follows," the Survey noted.

"Today, India is moving towards the attainment of the UN SDGs. While doing so, it is cognisant of the fact that for equitable development, a country as vast and diverse as India requires the implementation of broad-based inclusive social policies, supported by adequate and commensurate financial resources. Thus, the character and contour of such an approach to development presents a unique set of challenges which is consistently being addressed in the form of mindful reforms," it added.

Ensuring that intended outcomes of social sector development schemes reach the intended, involvement of the grassroot level of governance is imperative and is being actively pursued. "Technology has been a great enabler in ensuring the last-mile connectivity of government schemes to the targeted citizens. It has revolutionised the delivery of services while ensuring transparency and accountability. It needs to be harnessed further to help the government attain the lofty SDGs on the social front," the Survey said.

Economic Survey gives prescription for attaining more equitable economic growth

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