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ctress Somy Ali, who is known for her work in movies like ‘Aao Pyaar Karen’, ‘Chupp’, ‘Andolan’, and many others, shared that surviving in the industry is not easy, and said actors should be wary of the fact that 'rejection' is a huge part of the acting world.

Somy, who was last seen in the 1997 movie ‘Chupp’, said that people need to be aware of the struggle required to survive here, before they decide to join the industry.

“I believe that if an individual is solely passionate about being in the entertainment industry, he or she is also hopefully prepared and comprehends that the chances of making it big are significantly low. It could be one with immense talent, but unfortunately, there are politics and luck and both play a huge role in anyone succeeding or tasting the inevitable failure,” shared Somy.

The actress said she is not being pessimistic, rather saying that in any profession it's difficult to immediately gain success and even Brad Pitt started out as an extra.

“But particularly actors should be wary of the fact that rejection is a huge part of the acting world,” she said.

The ‘Anth’ actress further said: “It doesn't mean you won't make it and must quit because I am all for never giving up, but I am also pragmatic enough to know when to bow down and look for an exit sign. Thus, my advice is to give oneself a deadline that I will try for so many years and if nothing good comes my way, I will go to plan B.”

Somy said for her, acting was never a priority.

“For me, I have always since I was a child wanted to help others. Thus, acting was never a thought nor a goal and I don't need to explain why I ended up in Bollywood and why I took off as it's all redundant at this point. However, I will say the euphoria and gratitude I have received via my NGO is not only indescribable, but a feeling only one who has seen and experienced immense trauma will comprehend,” she added.

Somy Ali: Rejection is huge part of acting world

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