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nkita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s relationship has once again taken a turn in the show ‘Bigg Boss 17’, going by the promo.

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A promo shared by the channel shows Ankita in the therapy room requesting Bigg Boss to put her in the ‘Dimaag’ room. But in return Bigg Boss says that she has to nominate her husband Vicky for the entire season.

She denies the offer and goes out.

Later, Bigg Boss announces the same offer was made to Vicky and if Ankita wants to know the answer. However, the answer isn’t shown but a tiff between the two is spotlighted.

Ankita is seen asking Vicky: “Aap mujhe bhi game ki tarah use kar rahe ho kya.”

To which, Vicky replies: “Everything is game and that’s my game.”

‘Bigg Boss’ has another interesting proposition for those who haven’t set foot in the Dimaag makaan yet. This relocation drill is their chance to pitch themselves as the ultimate Dimaagwale to rule the roost from that abode.

Vying for power and authority, these contestants put on their best persuasive hats, trying to convince Bigg Boss that they're the perfect fit to call the shots in the Dimaag makaan. Consequently, the master of the house reveals that there are two contestants whose individual journeys haven't made it to the spotlight.

These housemates will be granted the incredible opportunity to take charge of the house while residing in the Dimaag makaan.

'Bigg Boss 17': Vicky says 'that's my game' when Ankita asks 'aap mujhe bhi use kar rahe ho kya'

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