Bijnor, Dec 6


he Uttar Pradesh Forest Department has unveiled a QR code to educate residents about the behaviour of leopards and how to avoid encounters with them.

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This innovative move is designed to tackle the increasing incidents of human-leopard conflict in Bijnor area.

The QR code, when scanned on mobile phones, will display a PDF file with comprehensive insights into leopard behaviour and conflict prevention through engaging cartoons to illustrate effective strategies, identify leopard pugmarks, and recommend alternative crop plantation methods.

Bijnor Sub-Divisional Forest Officer Gyan Singh said, “We have generated the QR code to raise awareness about the dos and don’ts to avoid leopard attacks in the region. Villagers will be sensitised via mobile phones, and plans are also underway to showcase animated videos in theatres before movies. Our aim is to make people aware about the behaviour of leopards during human attacks.”

Singh said key safety measures include urging people not to engage in open defecation, to move around in large groups in fields, avoid disturbing the big cats, wear protective gear, and use radios and mobile music to deter leopards, especially when working in the fields.

“Switching on the lights in the premises is also advised to keep the big cats at bay,” he said.

Notably, the Bijnor region has witnessed 18 human casualties since February due to leopard attacks, with more than 55 villagers sustaining injuries.

Now QR code to create awareness about leopard behaviour to avoid attacks

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