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opular chat platform Discord has rolled out the updated mobile app experience globally with new improvements to help users and their friends chat and hang out on the go.

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The new features Discord launched with the updated version of the mobile app include -- Navigation tab, Messages tab, Notifications tab, You tab, and others.

"When we launched the Discord mobile app in 2015, our focus was on building great products for people who play games on PC, with mobile serving as a companion app for when you were away from your keyboard," Francesco Polizzi, Group Product Manager at Discord, said in a statement.

"Now, with more users spending time using Discord on the go, we're excited to roll out a faster, more reliable app than before, designed specifically for mobile," he added.

The new "Navigation" tab on the bottom of the app will help users get to their conversations with friends faster. The moment a user opens their app, their Servers, Messages, Notifications, etc will be accessible.

All Direct Messages (DMs) and Group Direct Messages (GDMs) now live in the 'Messages' tab. Mobile users can see what all their friends are doing at the moment, whether they are in a voice channel together, playing a game or Activity, or just listening to something on Spotify, the company said.

Any time something new happens, the 'Notifications' tab lets users stay up to date on all the times they have been @mentioned, just like before. In addition to @mentions, any Server Events, updates on Friend Requests, and replies to messages will show up in this tab.

Represented by a user's profile icon, the "You" tab will give users direct access to see what their profile looks like at any time. By visiting the You tab, users can change their profile and status, upload a new profile icon, access account settings, and find their friends list right here.

Additional updates include -- updated night mode, better media sharing, refreshed voice and video, and faster loading time.

Discord updates its mobile app with new improvements

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