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ctor Gulshan Devaiah is thrilled to embrace a children-friendly narrative with ‘Little Thomas’ and said that there is a need to make more engaging stories for kids from Indian cinema.

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"My earlier films have been catering to a more mature audience. 'Little Thomas' is a wonderful shift for me, and I'm genuinely excited about making a film that children and their families can enjoy together,” Gulshan said.

The actor added: “The English speaking world makes a lot of films for children but in Indian we don’t cater much to our children. Our films need to make diverse and engaging stories for children from Indian cinema.”

The actor emphasises the importance of exploring varied genres for younger audiences and encourages fellow filmmakers to step up and experiment with storytelling that resonates with children.

The film tells a heartwarming story centered around a Goan family. Directed by the National Award-winning filmmaker Kaushal Oza, ‘Little Thomas’ also stars Rasika.

The film marks a reunion for Rasika and Kaushal, who had previously collaborated on the short film ‘The Miniaturist of Junagadh’.

Gulshan Devaiah: Our films need to make engaging stories for children from Indian cinema

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